Fielding in State League Twenty20 2007/08 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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RC Milburn (Cant)3437
VJ Lind (Auck)46 6
AJ Wilkins (ND)56 6
TM Gould (ND)5235
KJ Martin (Ot)4235
RH Priest (CD)5325
AE Satterthwaite (Cant)43 3
AE Cooper (Well)52 2
MC Godliman (ND)52 2
SM King (Ot)22 2
MP Murphy (Auck)42 2
EC Perry (Well)52 2
EC Rae (Cant)42 2
EJ Scurr (Well)52 2
MA Taylor (ND)32 2
KE Tunnicliffe (CD)52 2
AL Watkins (CD)52 2
SW Bates (Ot)11 1
EM Bermingham (Cant)41 1
SM Bullen (Auck)51 1
KM Cocksedge (CD)51 1
PA Gruber (Auck)51 1
MJ Hodgson (Well)51 1
RJ Kember (Auck)51 1
ASM Kitchin (Ot)41 1
SJ McGlashan (CD)51 1
BH McNeill (Cant)41 1
P Mistry (Auck)51 1
CK Mizzi (Well)21 1
KT Perkins (Auck)51 1
KL Pulford (ND)31 1
SEA Ruck (Well)51 1
AC Stockwell (Well)3011
CE Taylor (Ot)41 1
NM Thessman (CD)31 1
HM Tiffen (Cant)31 1
KA Tomlinson (ND)41 1
SJ Tsukigawa (Ot)41 1
RF Vincent (ND)51 1
MG Wakefield (Well)5011



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