Fielding in Plunket Shield 1913/14 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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LR Brunton (Cant)3246
HA Bishop (Cant)34 4
JF Brook (Auck)14 4
JW Condliffe (Ot)1314
WHJ Hayes (Cant)44 4
H Wright (Auck)14 4
CE Beal (Cant)43 3
AD Downes (Ot)23 3
F Woods (Cant)23 3
JP Blacklock (Well)12 2
C Boxshall (Cant)1112
ER Caygill (Cant)42 2
CS Chadwick (Ot)1112
D Hay (Well)12 2
TA McFarlane (Ot)22 2
FA Midlane (Well)12 2
FA Taylor (Auck)12 2
KH Tucker (Well)12 2
WG Wagstaffe (Well)12 2
H Watson (Cant)42 2
HC Watson (Ot)22 2
W Brook-Smith (Auck)11 1
JSB Bruges (Ot)21 1
LM Dacre (Auck)11 1
E Horspool (Auck)11 1
HW Monaghan (Cant)31 1
JL Paterson (Cant)31 1
HG Siedeberg (Ot)21 1
WJ Smeeton (Auck)1011
AW Thomas (Cant)21 1
BJ Tuckwell (Ot)11 1
HB Whitta (Cant)41 1
GCL Wilson (Cant)41 1



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