Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1960/61 (Ordered by Average)

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AR Taylor (Well)74051193217-259.19 31
JM McIntyre (Auck)47422215226-549.77 20
BR Taylor (Cant)3662411193-2512.33 00
RA Baddeley (Auck)39718172134-5913.23 00
JS Parson (Cant)61534211155-1714.06 20
BE Thawley (Well)15487453-3414.80 00
TGM Papesch (Auck)50323182124-4415.16 00
BH Hopkins (Cant)44925162105-5216.20 10
MG Burgess (Auck)1801711-1717.00 00
PC Semple (Ot)15046943-3517.25 00
SR Paul (Ot)47619179105-5517.90 10
PB Truscott (Ot)49823200116-2618.18 11
MJ Winterbourn (Auck)3521911263-1518.66 00
CW Croudis (Ot)3421216883-5221.00 00
RC Moreton (Ot)14948442-2021.00 00
RA Holloway (Ot)4202211-2222.00 00
ML Ryan (Cant)3801416473-3823.42 00
PR Gibson (Well)70329266113-5924.18 00
BW Wingfield (Well)228137732-3925.66 00
IS Watson (Well)3681815042-2837.50 00
RG Hortin (Cant)7823811-1338.00 00
BR Hope (Cant)13215811-4658.00 00
JW Gilkison (Well)6020    
WA Thomson (Cant)24250    
CW Childs (Ot)6070    
PJ Dawson (Well)18080    
GP Bilby (Well)24080    
BG Hadlee (Cant)300180    
J Mowlem (Auck)722290    
J Kerr (Ot)781550