Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1972/73 (Ordered by Average)

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GJ Williams (Ot)003244-328.00 00
LT Boswell (ND)0092113-138.36 00
RJ Sowden (Cant)007995-428.77 10
EK Gillott (ND)1200129145-249.21 10
MM Duffy (Ot)00143145-4910.21 10
DJ Watson (Ot)002121-810.50 00
DM Finlay (Auck)0010895-2712.00 10
PH Whitcombe (Auck)001211-1212.00 00
GP Howarth (Auck)00127103-2412.70 00
GB Troup (Auck)00136104-1913.60 00
RA Pierce (CD)192011285-8014.00 10
TE Cockburn (Cant)0011883-1014.75 00
EJ Chatfield (Well)880207145-3914.78 10
DJ Gatenby (Cant)00262155-6217.46 20
JV Coney (Well)009752-2219.40 00
A Puna (ND)0011964-5919.83 00
EGC Ritchie (Cant)002011-2020.00 00
SB Cater (Well)00247124-6620.58 00
KA Robinson (Auck)0015573-4522.14 00
DA Amadio (CD)0016574-7623.57 00
BJ McKechnie (Ot)0011852-423.60 00
PD Morrison (Auck)0016773-4823.85 00
NF Maclaine (CD)0021694-3724.00 00
RD Cox (Well)007232-1424.00 00
IR Snook (CD)0015564-4825.83 00
SL Boock (Ot)0026093-7528.88 00
P Barnes (ND)008731-1629.00 00
AW Short (CD)0020673-3729.42 00
PG d'Auvergne (Cant)009233-2930.66 00
JW Calder (Cant)0012442-3431.00 00
GB Thomson (Ot)0012743-2431.75 00
NJC Smith (Well)0019462-4532.33 00
JP Greenwood (Well)009731-1432.33 00
RD Blair (Ot)0010432-2534.66 00
LRJ Eckhoff (Ot)007422-2237.00 00
PE McEwan (Cant)004011-940.00 00
F Hill (CD)0021352-5442.60 00
DJ Alpe (CD)009622-3448.00 00
RM Pickard (Auck)0010621-3953.00 00
D Morrison (ND)0000    
CA Webb (ND)0000    
JR Wiltshire (Auck)0020    
CMH Atkinson (Auck)0050    
CT Jacobsen (Well)0070    
DJ Brady (Ot)0080    
WA Pollock (CD)0080    
CW Dickeson (ND)00140    
WG Lawrie (ND)00200    
MJ Talbot (Ot)00210    
IS Brooks (ND)00210    
RW Fulton (Cant)001050    



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