Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1968/69 (Ordered by Average)

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JE Macdonald (Ot)80111-11.00 00
NW McKenzie (Ot)343211-02.00 00
WL Blair (Ot)161411-44.00 00
JV Coney (Well)2401011-1010.00 00
AR Hounsell (Cant)55423175167-1910.93 10
DR Hadlee (Cant)46811172126-2014.33 10
NGS Smith (Ot)4377176115-7116.00 10
LJ Sewell (Auck)360314696-7616.22 10
DG Trist (Cant)4161413582-2116.87 00
PC Selby (CD)47211227125-9218.91 10
RJ Kasper (Auck)13645732-2019.00 00
CM Kirk (Cant)5541718994-6921.00 00
RJ Hunter (CD)296108743-4921.75 00
GE Vivian (Auck)4961020593-3222.77 00
DW Stead (Cant)360717774-7525.28 00
P Fraser (ND)4569259105-7525.90 10
WP Hand (Auck)5391324295-7126.88 10
RD Cox (CD)5351124593-5727.22 00
CG Wilson (Auck)3201211143-4727.75 00
PJ Wilson (Well)2961311843-5329.50 00
ERC Hipkiss (ND)415720775-5829.57 10
R McGill (ND)5041521372-2830.42 00
CJ McDonald (Ot)456921874-7431.14 00
AB Jordan (CD)4161115652-3631.20 00
WA Greenstreet (Well)4281121974-7431.28 00
JFM Morrison (Well)2821113543-5833.75 00
RC Hooton (ND)360916942-2142.25 00
JAJ Cushen (Ot)496529262-6648.66 00
RO Collinge (Well)560530663-10351.00 00
B Bhana (Cant)14445811-2058.00 00
CRW Dickel (Ot)320717632-5958.66 00
WL Coventry (CD)12036011-4360.00 00
GP Howarth (Auck)6323019131-2763.66 00
RG Sunderland (Auck)264113922-5069.50 00
JSS White (ND)320221132-11770.33 00
NM Parker (Ot)6407511-7575.00 00
RW Anderson (Cant)16020    
CL Bull (Cant)8040    
KJ Wadsworth (CD)8080    
BC Baldwin (CD)481190    
RG Arblaster (Auck)802240    
BD Smith (Well)640260    
GM Turner (Ot)883380    
LE Anderson (Ot)1366410    
LG Collins (Well)1127420    
JG Gibson (ND)1061540    
ADG Roberts (ND)1123580    
GB Murphy (Well)280101160    



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