Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1962/63 (Ordered by Average)

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M Mackenzie (Ot)121411-44.00 00
PJ Davidson (Auck)240711-77.00 00
JR Smith (CD)71546259276-309.59 21
BR Harris (Well)1801011-1010.00 00
HJ Howarth (Auck)43230157145-2611.21 10
MJ Cotter (ND)9826864-1911.33 00
MA Clements (Cant)3013432-2511.33 00
MG Lester (Cant)32910189156-4112.60 11
AR Taylor (Well)62528278215-6513.23 10
GA Clarke (ND)2701410683-4113.25 00
SW Kohlhase (Auck)34215147114-4513.36 00
RO Collinge (CD)48619237175-3013.94 10
CTM Beach (ND)114110574-4615.00 00
MG Burgess (Auck)3131613693-1415.11 00
AG Cartwright (Ot)49828206134-5115.84 00
RA Baddeley (Auck)240159663-3416.00 00
JR Carson (Auck)5451611-1616.00 00
KO Campbell (Ot)1801611-1616.00 00
JF Bailey (ND)192513784-1517.12 00
RT Francis (CD)3421411662-1319.33 00
G Shaw (Ot)16849853-5019.60 00
B Smith (Auck)2821513873-3219.71 00
AJ Beuth (ND)51719301155-5920.06 10
CW Croudis (Ot)210910352-2420.60 00
AE Madigan (Ot)37312210104-8821.00 00
BH Hopkins (Cant)5253219395-5221.44 10
JS Parson (Well)67435330156-3722.00 20
HT Schuster (Auck)204109642-2824.00 00
CN Fox (ND)174710142-1325.25 00
GW McLellan (Well)216313753-7727.40 00
FN Curtis (Cant)3951922283-4327.75 00
KD Kennedy (ND)4203116052-1732.00 00
BDM Furlong (CD)3261013942-7434.75 00
ML Ryan (Cant)5281530783-5438.37 00
DL Paetz (Well)3781519442-948.50 00
RG Hortin (Cant)6100    
GT Barrett (Cant)6010    
IR Hampton (CD)18210    
JE Hammel (Well)6010    
PG Coman (Cant)6080    
C Reid (Cant)543210    
PB Truscott (Cant)301210    
RE Redmond (Well)300280    
RM Gearry (Cant)280410    
JS Billcliff (Ot)842430    
BL Turner (Ot)1081640