Bowling in Plunket Shield 1968/69 (Ordered by Average)

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BF Hastings (Cant)323911-09.00 00
RO Collinge (Well)38810160136-6712.30 21
RS Cunis (Auck)118535378306-3912.60 31
WJR Haskell (Well)58431137104-3213.70 00
HJ Howarth (Auck)106948291216-2913.85 20
GE Vivian (Auck)43919140104-3014.00 00
RW Morgan (Auck)404198763-2214.50 00
BW Yuile (CD)101149245157-10216.33 10
JM McIntyre (Cant)137667360214-2017.14 00
B Andrews (CD)95240280166-5117.50 10
ML Ryan (CD)13053722-1818.50 00
GT Dowling (Cant)4011911-419.00 00
SW Kohlhase (Auck)9613922-2419.50 00
JT Sparling (Auck)73634204104-2220.40 00
MJ Horton (ND)108851288145-3520.57 10
MJF Shrimpton (CD)18768542-1421.25 00
JH Howell (CD)87223323154-10221.53 00
BA Bolton (Well)62923221106-4622.10 10
RC Motz (Cant)127939446205-3522.30 10
BL Hampton (CD)14946732-5922.33 00
PB McGregor (Well)4651918285-8522.75 10
RE Sutton (Auck)72020238103-4623.80 00
BR Taylor (Cant)93418435165-12027.18 10
GD Alabaster (Ot)115843423147-7430.21 10
MJ Coles (Well)100321408134-8631.38 00
AB Jordan (CD)15756422-2932.00 00
JW Burtt (Cant)376416853-3733.60 00
PD Stone (ND)4071020262-3433.66 00
HA Morgan (Well)120047386113-5435.09 00
JD Smith (ND)7912030783-8238.37 00
B Dunning (ND)5031223462-3839.00 00
CJ McDonald (Ot)4321120152-2340.20 00
JR Carson (ND)4001016342-3940.75 00
NA Huxford (Cant)9552733582-4041.87 00
H Unka (ND)5601621353-6942.60 00
D Beuth (CD)296612932-4543.00 00
WP Bradburn (ND)184115311-4153.00 00
RS Dunne (Ot)7521832163-4753.50 00
V Pollard (CD)9424621842-4754.50 00
N Puna (ND)6472024141-2460.25 00
JAJ Cushen (Ot)9512542963-7771.50 00
BAG Murray (Well)276108311-2183.00 00
JP Flaherty (Ot)352817521-1587.50 00
JFM Morrison (Well)392209711-2697.00 00
PJC Coutts (CD)8100    
BE Congdon (CD)8010    
AE Dick (Well)1040    
K Thomson (Cant)8040    
JT Ward (Cant)8050    
BD Smith (Well)641210    
SN McGregor (Ot)723240    
GM Turner (Ot)1046260    
PG Coman (Cant)1044350    
GA Snowden (Well)1528370    
RW Hutchison (Ot)296101310