Bowling in Plunket Shield 1962/63 (Ordered by Average)

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JR Reid (Well)4744011497-2912.66 10
RE Sutton (Auck)89859236176-1413.88 10
RW Blair (Well)105251405277-8415.00 30
DC Hoskin (ND)3892612685-7115.75 10
JT Sparling (Auck)80645288185-5416.00 31
BW Yuile (CD)78854245157-3616.33 10
BAG Murray (Well)9053422-1517.00 00
BD Morrison (Well)123177426255-4117.04 20
GD Alabaster (ND)65438241144-4417.21 00
RS Cunis (Auck)91048294176-4017.29 10
BC Irving (Cant)68639245144-3417.50 00
DA Kinsella (CD)86044323186-5417.94 10
DB Clarke (ND)83947325188-3718.05 11
JWF Kiddey (Cant)118890306164-3819.12 00
N Puna (ND)114668467246-8619.45 10
BA Bolton (Cant)48117214113-1619.45 00
WJR Haskell (Well)6544517694-2219.55 00
BL Hampton (CD)106056360184-5020.00 00
JHM Dawson (Cant)84446327163-3620.43 00
RI Long (Ot)186116632-2822.00 00
RG Anderson (Ot)69229310143-5122.14 00
DL Gallop (Cant)3881915873-2722.57 00
FJ Cameron (Ot)124871430194-5122.63 00
JM McIntyre (Auck)93959228103-4522.80 00
RC Motz (Cant)125868469204-1423.45 00
GA Bartlett (CD)5103114162-1223.50 00
PB McGregor (ND)256912453-7424.80 00
JC Alabaster (Ot)118949499206-8524.95 10
PH Barton (ND)4922520874-4829.71 00
ME Chapple (CD)3451515152-1030.20 00
TE Shaw (ND)11486522-732.50 00
J Hill (Ot)93662328103-4232.80 00
DC Currie (CD)3121515243-5338.00 00
AF Lissette (ND)288147922-3339.50 00
DD Beard (ND)278178522-6542.50 00
GT McConnell (Well)2801411721-058.50 00
WB Norman (Auck)282266611-1166.00 00
EC Petrie (ND)6100    
BF Hastings (Cant)6020    
L Watt (Ot)2040    
JA Turnbull (Auck)6040    
GT Dowling (Cant)6040    
BE Congdon (CD)30340    
GP Bilby (Well)12050    
GM Aim (Well)6060    
BG Hadlee (Cant)10070    
RW Morgan (Auck)24290    
BH Pairaudeau (ND)8090    
PC Semple (Ot)120110    
BW Sinclair (Well)180140    
K Thomson (Cant)482240    
B Sutcliffe (ND)300270    
LR Pearson (Ot)482280    
PD Stone (ND)964280    
LC Butler (Well)1389380    
AH Preston (Well)1446450