Bowling in Plunket Shield 1956/57 (Ordered by Average)

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RW Blair (Well)133483436469-729.47 64
JA Hayes (Auck)246128074-2311.42 00
JR Reid (Ot)78248228187-2012.66 10
WS Haig (Ot)324336954-1213.80 00
RT Dowker (Cant)5404332-2514.33 00
HB Cave (CD)116774331237-3314.39 20
JWF Kiddey (Cant)273208963-3214.83 00
FJ Cameron (Ot)99661282184-4315.66 00
DD Beard (CD)142095448277-5616.59 11
JC Alabaster (Ot)1546109496285-3517.71 20
GO Rabone (Auck)122687345187-7919.16 10
DJ Ferrow (ND)5643618394-5020.33 00
B Sutcliffe (Ot)204710255-10220.40 10
BD Morrison (Well)100570314155-5820.93 10
DJ Reid (Cant)6003820493-2622.66 00
RE Brown (CD)61334239105-2923.90 10
DB Clarke (ND)219312554-10825.00 00
ME Chapple (Cant)101080264102-1426.40 00
JT Sparling (Auck)249910943-5727.25 00
IM Sinclair (Cant)3482111341-428.25 00
NS Harford (CD)18098533-1928.33 00
MB Poore (Cant)9137523684-7229.50 00
AR MacGibbon (Cant)3722211843-8129.50 00
BC Allan (Ot)310228931-529.66 00
DL Gallop (Cant)66222327113-3029.72 00
DR Tarrant (CD)6492927094-4030.00 00
EF Dunn (Auck)93853337114-4130.63 00
N Puna (ND)246912543-3431.25 00
LA Clark (Well)90650344115-6031.27 10
PGZ Harris (Cant)4262516453-5832.80 00
H Moyle (Auck)7243630194-11033.44 00
AF Lissette (ND)101465368104-3536.80 00
AG Duckmanton (Cant)9073711-2537.00 00
KW Hough (ND)127846446124-10137.16 00
GN Gearry (Cant)5763123964-5739.83 00
RM Harris (Auck)6603228474-10540.57 00
AH Preston (Well)3791716642-3241.50 00
JF Jones (CD)3121013232-5544.00 00
DC Hoskin (ND)7882632072-9045.71 00
TS Hambrook (Auck)4742416132-2653.66 00
DD Taylor (Auck)4501622042-6855.00 00
EW Dempster (Well)10326428752-2057.40 00
KFH Smith (CD)186910711-14107.00 00
BMJ Dineen (Cant)198711711-17117.00 00
SG Gedye (Auck)12150    
AJ Cook (Well)18090    
JEF Beck (Well)241100    
BA Haworth (Cant)60110    
JK Everest (ND)220140    
TE Shaw (ND)360210    
WJR Haskell (Well)725280    
GT Buist (CD)602300    
BB Higgins (ND)762440    
EM Meuli (CD)902490    
EA Watson (Ot)21014720    



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