Bowling in Plunket Shield 1937/38 (Ordered by Average)

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N Gallichan (Well)17037674-4710.85 00
CK Parsloe (Well)310610884-1213.50 00
MG Browne (Well)228112796-8914.11 10
E Mulcock (Cant)66619232168-6114.50 20
TL Pritchard (Well)62210227154-1815.13 00
WN Carson (Auck)332513683-2217.00 00
J Cowie (Auck)85116314184-5517.44 00
JA Dunning (Ot)99836352206-5117.60 31
MP Donnelly (Well)14443622-1218.00 00
JR Lamason (Well)18425733-3419.00 00
DS Wilson (Well)24059241-2123.00 00
GJ Robertson (Ot)256211753-2523.40 00
HF Rice (Well)264127232-1724.00 00
FR Crawford (Well)7804822-3724.00 00
JB Simpson (Auck)10425122-2325.50 00
ED Blundell (Well)303177833-5526.00 00
RCD Silver (Ot)544823594-9726.11 00
AJ Postles (Auck)226310744-2026.75 00
AM Matheson (Auck)84625283104-5528.30 00
LJ Groves (Ot)369320374-7529.00 00
C Burke (Auck)488427293-5530.22 00
BG Griffiths (Well)10406822-5134.00 00
IB Cromb (Cant)541328483-2135.50 00
DAN McRae (Cant)5441819252-438.40 00
CJ Elmes (Ot)4511020752-7141.40 00
NV Burtt (Cant)544330874-6944.00 00
VJT Chettleburgh (Ot)8004411-2444.00 00
GL Weir (Auck)12735611-1856.00 00
RJ Read (Cant)569826142-7265.25 00
VS Sale (Auck)160130    
DAR Moloney (Well)240150    
NA McMahon (Auck)240190    
CP Howden (Ot)882460    
GR Dickinson (Ot)1361500    



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