Bowling in Plunket Shield 1931/32 (Ordered by Average)

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GR Dickinson (Ot)20787675-2310.85 10
ML Page (Cant)3021411-014.00 00
J Newman (Well)117572339225-4515.40 21
DC Cleverley (Auck)35811183106-7018.30 10
HM McGirr (Well)66027258144-5018.42 00
GL Weir (Auck)3461016483-6120.50 00
WE Merritt (Cant)86411454228-10520.63 21
HG Vivian (Auck)69019312155-5920.80 20
JT Burrows (Cant)73844280134-2421.53 00
FT Badcock (Ot)109069318144-6522.71 00
RW Coupland (Ot)303716473-7223.42 00
TPL Reaney (Well)6604722-4123.50 00
RC Blunt (Ot)331418373-926.14 00
AW McCoy (Auck)362418163-4330.16 00
RO Talbot (Cant)13219732-1932.33 00
JA Dunning (Ot)6722926785-6533.37 10
HN Lambert (Well)5648373104-17937.30 00
IB Cromb (Cant)78626419104-5441.90 00
DAR Moloney (Ot)294317643-4244.00 00
BG Griffiths (Well)8414511-2545.00 00
M Henderson (Well)276813732-7845.66 00
RC Crook (Well)232612021-760.00 00
HD Smith (Ot)288912721-2263.50 00
TD Lyon (Auck)16858411-6284.00 00
AM Matheson (Auck)5041428532-5795.00 00
HB Massey (Well)2641011311-31113.00 00
CJ Elmes (Ot)228512211-38122.00 00
JL Powell (Cant)12190    
JR Lamason (Well)241100    
AJ Postles (Auck)180130    
TC Lowry (Well)422180    
NH McMillan (Auck)300210    
FWJ Bellamy (Cant)1084420    
AW Roberts (Cant)1141760    
SG Lester (Cant)28271520