Bowling in Plunket Shield 1929/30 (Ordered by Average)

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GL Talbot (Cant)6812832-249.33 00
WA Baker (Well)240610085-5012.50 10
A Galland (Ot)16865444-5413.50 00
JT Burrows (Cant)17485942-2314.75 00
FT Badcock (Well)5363315694-2917.33 00
AR Knight (Ot)8435632-4418.66 00
HN Lambert (Well)172413376-10219.00 10
JE Mills (Auck)3011911-1919.00 00
SG Lester (Cant)162710153-5620.20 00
AM Hollings (Well)7224322-1821.50 00
AF Wensley (Auck)106267325159-3621.66 11
A Anthony (Auck)75537260124-7121.66 00
HB Massey (Well)3661416374-8023.28 00
GL Weir (Auck)7214722-2723.50 00
RO Talbot (Cant)3001014863-1924.66 00
DAR Moloney (Ot)261221383-13226.62 00
AM Matheson (Auck)5461424394-2527.00 00
WLT Elliott (Auck)2761310942-4427.25 00
WE Merritt (Cant)63610350125-13329.16 10
TGF Lemin (Ot)376717554-6135.00 00
C Zimmerman (Ot)13283611-3636.00 00
JA Dunning (Ot)6902632594-5736.11 00
IB Cromb (Cant)4501222363-2937.16 00
CFW Allcott (Auck)4623012032-5240.00 00
HM McGirr (Well)6062529473-5042.00 00
N Gallichan (Well)2821313633-10145.33 00
AW McCoy (Auck)8415111-2951.00 00
RW Hope (Well)138210422-6052.00 00
BR Ross (Well)9025811-5058.00 00
M Henderson (Well)6112130053-5860.00 00
AW Alloo (Ot)3482012121-560.50 00
CS Gibbs (Cant)15066311-2363.00 00
GW Simmonds (Cant)3891220432-6468.00 00
WJ Smeeton (Auck)11447911-3879.00 00
TC Lowry (Well)2221310511-64105.00 00
CJ Elmes (Ot)312915811-35158.00 00
SW Ward (Well)6010    
SAR Badeley (Auck)42470    
JSF Shepherd (Ot)421190    
AW Roberts (Cant)482250    
ML Page (Cant)420300    
VG Cavanagh (Ot)360350    
PG Monk (Ot)1323790    
CM Harris (Cant)1382790    
EG McLeod (Well)1263820    



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