Bowling in Plunket Shield 1925/26 (Ordered by Average)

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DC Collins (Well)161311-33.00 00
FT Badcock (Well)90427269237-5511.69 32
GR Dickinson (Ot)3385145117-9013.18 11
AWS Brice (Well)3688152114-1313.81 00
JS Hiddleston (Well)4001411-1014.00 00
HM McGirr (Well)65714237155-1715.80 10
JSF Shepherd (Ot)5601911-1819.00 00
DM Sandman (Cant)4402239127-9919.91 10
WS Barclay (Well)3202111-2121.00 00
AS Player (Auck)111329426185-6023.66 10
C Zimmerman (Ot)18447732-825.66 00
A Anthony (Auck)5697262104-6026.20 00
RC Torrance (Ot)107230369147-9026.35 10
RO Talbot (Cant)5446305115-10627.72 10
A Galland (Ot)17658433-4128.00 00
SG Smith (Auck)71514297105-5929.70 10
M Henderson (Well)248210032-3333.33 00
JL Findlay (Cant)7751632994-5436.55 00
RJ Read (Cant)105620411115-11237.36 10
AH Scott (Auck)20093811-3838.00 00
HC Alloo (Ot)208011632-5938.66 00
ANC Snedden (Auck)5681227974-9839.85 00
AW Alloo (Ot)18468322-1141.50 00
JB Simpson (Auck)472626153-12352.20 00
JN McEwin (Cant)480226552-3653.00 00
IW Cooper (Auck)384617631-2658.66 00
WM Douglas (Ot)269121131-4070.33 00
CFW Allcott (Auck)416915022-8875.00 00
N Conradi (Ot)224311111-84111.00 00
EO Blamires (Ot)400719311-46193.00 00
HN Lambert (Well)8090    
EA Gasson (Cant)240120    
EG McLeod (Well)160130    
E Horspool (Auck)804280    
LH Saunders (Auck)801380    
CCR Dacre (Auck)884400    



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