Bowling in Plunket Shield 1913/14 (Ordered by Average)

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AG Eckhold (Ot)181511-55.00 00
JH Bennett (Cant)34718135117-8712.27 11
RM Rutherford (Ot)10263732-812.33 00
CE Beal (Cant)9654732-1615.66 00
HW Monaghan (Cant)77538251144-1917.92 00
FA Taylor (Auck)318614584-4518.12 00
H Watson (Cant)324616596-4818.33 10
JV Saunders (Well)3389184105-8518.40 21
GCL Wilson (Cant)121726582317-8018.77 42
BJ Tuckwell (Ot)1202111-2121.00 00
JL Paterson (Cant)4141814263-5023.66 00
CC Clark (Auck)270514665-10824.33 10
CV Grimmett (Well)174412853-5525.60 00
AD Downes (Ot)3841321484-6526.75 00
TA McFarlane (Ot)198110431-1734.66 00
JS Hiddleston (Well)138110932-7536.33 00
J Ramsden (Ot)303218552-6437.00 00
W Brook-Smith (Auck)6704111-3241.00 00
ER Woods (Auck)3181015733-9152.33 00
E Horspool (Auck)9627611-876.00 00
HM McGirr (Well)16229211-2792.00 00
RC Torrance (Ot)162210811-108108.00 00
HB Whitta (Cant)6100    
LM Dacre (Auck)1201600    
AW Thomas (Cant)1203620    
KH Tucker (Well)721640    
JF Brook (Auck)1201750    



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