Bowling in Plunket Shield 1910/11 (Ordered by Player)

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A Anthony (Auck)601460    
JH Bennett (Cant)2942211332-4137.66 00
AWS Brice (Well)724360    
W Brook-Smith (Auck)240100    
TA Carlton (Cant)198156411-4164.00 00
W Carlton (Cant)16829943-7024.75 00
JW Findlay (Well)3622621-413.00 00
WRL Gibbes (Well)11446232-3020.66 00
AE Hadden (Auck)2701112863-3621.33 00
LG Hemus (Auck)540150    
CEH Hickey (Well)544200    
AM Howden (Auck)9645411-2954.00 00
AC Kerr (Auck)5582617194-3819.00 00
HW Monaghan (Well)18056921-2034.50 00
DH Naughton (Well)6080    
C Olliff (Auck)3721614831-2849.33 00
WR Patrick (Cant)361180    
FA Pearson (Auck)64233228136-5417.53 10
D Reese (Cant)205117565-4312.50 10
DM Sandman (Cant)282913555-5527.00 10
JV Saunders (Well)286711596-6112.77 10
ANC Snedden (Auck)7204011-2440.00 00



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