Fielding in New Zealand Pub Charities National Tournament 1997/98 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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SM Frahm (Cant)79312
RJ Rolls (Auck)6459
JM Clark (Well)5314
CL Forsyth (CD)64 4
KK Martinelli (Well)6224
AM Smith (Well)74 4
EA Travers (CD)7044
DA Hockley (Cant)73 3
N Payne (Cant)73 3
RJ Pullar (CD)53 3
KA Ramel (Auck)73 3
SJ Shaw (CD)73 3
DK Brownlee (CD)62 2
CA Campbell (Cant)72 2
JE Harris (Well)72 2
S McLauchlan (Auck)72 2
M Murray (CD)72 2
NM Thessman (CD)72 2
KD Brown (Auck)51 1
SM Burrows (Cant)71 1
EC Drumm (Auck)71 1
FM Duncan (Well)61 1
PB Flannery (Cant)71 1
MK Fruin (Auck)71 1
JA Fryer (Well)71 1
JL Geary (Cant)61 1
JL Hunter-Siu (Well)61 1
KM Keenan (Cant)71 1
ET McDonald (CD)71 1
AM McKee (Auck)61 1
L Mansill (Well)41 1
RMF Pannett (Well)41 1
ML Presland (Well)51 1
KT Ryan (CD)71 1
FA Stickney (Well)71 1
DM Trow (CD)71 1
MK Tyler (Auck)61 1
HM Watson (Cant)51 1