Fielding in New Zealand Motor Corporation Knockout Tournament 1972/73 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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RE Redmond (Auck)24 4
BE Congdon (Ot)33 3
WK Lees (Ot)33 3
HC Sampson (CD)23 3
IJ Therkleson (Well)13 3
GM Turner (Ot)33 3
RW Anderson (Ot)32 2
WL Blair (Ot)32 2
BL Cairns (CD)22 2
RA Dykes (Auck)2022
DJ Gatenby (Cant)12 2
LS Mountain (ND)1112
IR Snook (CD)22 2
GD Alabaster (Ot)31 1
JH Blackmore (ND)11 1
PG Coman (Cant)11 1
RS Cunis (Auck)21 1
J Freeman (ND)11 1
JG Gibson (Auck)21 1
RM Harris (Auck)11 1
HJ Howarth (Auck)21 1
DP Lloyd (ND)11 1
JM McIntyre (Auck)11 1
DR O'Sullivan (CD)21 1
ADG Roberts (ND)11 1
RE Sutton (Auck)21 1
KJ Wadsworth (Cant)11 1