Bowling in National Under-19 Tournament 2000/01 (Ordered by Average)

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AM Ellis (Cant)0089175-225.23 10
KG Howes (CD)001833-186.00 00
IA Robertson (Cant)002033-206.66 00
A Hedges (Cant)002944-297.25 10
CJ Sowden (Cant)006085-437.50 01
DJ Bowden (Well)006174-378.71 00
C Stanaway (ND)002733-279.00 00
GR Todd (CD)006263-2410.33 00
JM Hodson (Ot)007474-3210.57 10
JJ Stuart (Well)006763-1411.16 00
LJ Woodcock (Well)006655-6613.20 10
TD Eliaba (Auck)008463-1914.00 00
DT Good (CD)0012484-3915.50 00
B Ryan (Ot)004933-4916.33 00
MD Bates (Auck)0011163-4918.50 00