Bowling in National Second Eleven Competition 1982/83 (Ordered by Average)

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K Treiber (ND)006084-197.50 00
SR Tracy (Auck)00112106-4211.20 11
DG Farrant (Cant)007563-1812.50 00
CM Abbott (Cant)00171136-4513.15 10
KB Marshall (Well)00145116-6813.18 10
GN Cederwall (Well)0010786-6413.37 10
AJ Farrant (Cant)00165124-3313.75 00
PS Anderson (ND)002822-2814.00 00
PG O'Shaughnessy (CD)00161115-7914.63 10
DJ Boyle (Cant)003022-615.00 00
CM Presland (ND)00173103-2717.30 00
KD James (Well)0010664-5717.66 00
GK MacDonald (Cant)00234135-3218.00 10
TJ Wilson (Ot)00185105-6318.50 21
GR Larsen (Well)003722-1418.50 00
MJ Child (ND)0013173-2318.71 00
SJ Scott (ND)00266146-5919.00 10
PE McEwan (Cant)001911-319.00 00
SR McNally (Cant)00198103-3619.80 00
MR McKinnon (ND)0012764-4821.16 00
JF O'Connor (Auck)006633-5522.00 00
SD Adams (Auck)0014063-5623.33 00
KBK Ibadulla (Ot)007133-7123.66 00
WCG Taylor (Ot)0012155-9624.20 10
SB Cater (Well)0013354-7626.60 00
MD Jamieson (CD)0019173-6927.28 00
N Wood (Well)0016053-4532.00 00
SR McKenzie (Auck)009732-3832.33 00
REW Mawhinney (Ot)009732-5032.33 00
JG Larter (Cant)003311-1233.00 00
ND Pollock (ND)0016852-3333.60 00
AJ Hunt (Auck)007222-6536.00 00
DJ Walker (Ot)007522-7537.50 00
SW Duff (CD)0016443-6941.00 00
AH Jones (CD)004111-2741.00 00
PS Neutze (Auck)0013232-6444.00 00
ID Fisher (Auck)0014731-2849.00 00
RJ Pither (Well)005011-5050.00 00
JM McIntyre (Auck)005511-2655.00 00
KJ Burns (Ot)005611-5656.00 00
MJ Greatbatch (Auck)0040    
JK Lindsay (Ot)00110    
DA Dempsey (Cant)00160    
BC Richards (CD)00180    
PW Young (Ot)00200    
PJ Walker (Ot)00210    
AA Griffiths (Well)00220    
TW McKeown (Ot)00280    
WS Linn (Auck)00580    
DJ White (ND)00650    
PJ Verhoek (CD)00880    
DW Pearson (CD)001010    



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