Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1960/61 (Ordered by Average)

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M Pay (Sou)121211-22.00 00
J Cook (Ot)109824116-62.18 10
KJ Hanson (Ot)90311-03.00 00
MM Jordan (Sou)375922-04.50 00
JM Saulbrey (Sou)43842119256-134.76 31
SA Reid (Sou)48636134236-125.82 20
C Smith (Nel)302611-06.00 00
JB Olson (Cant)2281782135-136.30 10
CA Randall (Cant)114104064-66.66 00
J Dickinson (Cant)31419114148-268.14 11
DJ Ives (Ot)39820132166-258.25 10
M Williamson (Ot)13285264-58.66 00
J Linton (Nel)12144454-298.80 00
DE Bennett (Nel)3181991105-129.10 10
PM Jarvis (Cant)6632833-189.33 00
V Slow (Ot)221137584-479.37 00
R Baigent (Nel)5714755-229.40 10
KL Gilray (Cant)2601597104-239.70 00
NE Jordan (Sou)3621211-712.00 00
J Gray (Ot)187127462-1312.33 00
EM Fountain (Nel)3181413484-4316.75 00
E Johnson (Cant)3623721-618.50 00
MA Healy (Cant)002011-2020.00 00
AJ Eden (Nel)3603011-230.00 00
J Wills (Sou)7843011-930.00 00
KL Bennett (Nel)10244411-2444.00 00
NE Bennett (Nel)15647811-2778.00 00
AR Valli (Sou)24320    
NJ Levido (Ot)12180    
A Colville (Cant)18080    
PF Carrick (Cant)12080    
M Papps (Nel)160130    
KD Gridley (Nel)120130