Fielding in Mary Machin Shield 1958/59 (Ordered by Stumpings)

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TDMM Sew Hoy (Ot)1011
C Booth (Cant)12 2
NM Bruce (Ot)11 1
JM Coates (Cant)22 2
SD Cowles (Cant)12 2
JN Edmonds (Cant)23 3
AM Eggers (Sou)11 1
CJ Harvey (Sou)11 1
DJ Ives (Ot)21 1
P McCaw (Cant)11 1
AJ Malins (Cant)25 5
BC Morris (Sou)21 1
CL Murray (Ot)21 1
J Russell (Ot)22 2
EM Rutherford (Sou)22 2
E Thomas (Sou)11 1
AR Valli (Sou)22 2
J Wills (Sou)21 1



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