Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1958/59 (Ordered by Average)

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JL Smith (Cant)240622-63.00 00
SD Cowles (Cant)215154495-234.88 10
PM Dorward (Cant)234174685-105.75 10
BC Morris (Sou)14294465-197.33 10
JA Cockle (Cant)8423754-257.40 00
JM Saulbrey (Sou)10263143-277.75 00
LE Hawes (Cant)190811-88.00 00
JN Edmonds (Cant)3601922-79.50 00
JM Coates (Cant)258196964-1811.50 00
DJ Ives (Ot)234118176-3311.57 10
E Johnson (Cant)7823633-1912.00 00
M Pay (Sou)4812622-2613.00 00
PM Holley (Ot)11745344-3613.25 00
AR Valli (Sou)198165543-3713.75 00
JJR Haworth (Cant)1511411-214.00 00
J Russell (Ot)10244432-3014.66 00
YEC Weir (Ot)10815732-2019.00 00
EA Luckett (Cant)9632711-2227.00 00
NM Pay (Sou)180105522-1327.50 00
NM Bruce (Ot)15094411-4444.00 00
J Gray (Ot)18130    
M Lane (Cant)18150    
J Harding (Cant)545100    
C Booth (Cant)241160    
CL Murray (Ot)180190    
SA Reid (Sou)422260    



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