Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1937/38 (Ordered by Average)

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MJ Taylor (Cant)186144864-168.00 00
SA Cawtheray (Cant)363911-09.00 00
P Blackler (Cant)246195953-4311.80 00
MC Bishop (Ot)282198575-2912.14 10
RE Symons (Cant)3631411-214.00 00
M Fisher (Ot)258169975-5014.14 10
EJ Wormald (Cant)4803722-2718.50 00
VE Russell (Cant)7852011-1920.00 00
ZL Paris (Ot)42360    
EM Riach (Ot)180140    
T Divers (Ot)180150    
J Little (Ot)725190    
AH Fache (Ot)665290    
DE Broadfoot (Ot)1145410