Bowling in Hawke Cup 1983/84 (Ordered by Average)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
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WG Lawrie (Nor)4211322-136.50 00
PG O'Shaughnessy (HB)150102944-297.25 00
LJ Doull (Cou)005064-228.33 00
CW Dickeson (Ham)17097685-119.50 10
GW McKenzie (Ham)12683433-2911.33 00
MR McKinnon (Ham)171144843-512.00 00
SW Brown (HB)152133633-3612.00 00
BJ McKechnie (Sthd)231166255-6212.40 10
MJ Child (Nor)15694532-3115.00 00
SJ Gill (Nel)4452513185-3516.37 10
AJ Wallace (Cou)006743-3416.75 00
KJ Burns (Sthd)9053422-3417.00 00
BP Bracewell (Nor)17397343-4018.25 00
RD Broughton (PB)003722-2818.50 00
GW Walton (Nel)51119243135-5318.69 10
K Treiber (Nor)258179453-5918.80 00
PJ Visser (Nel)3962415286-7319.00 10
R Carrington (Ham)9033822-2819.00 00
J Preece (PB)009954-2919.80 00
J Wolt (PB)006733-2622.33 00
N Richards (Cou)8415222-5226.00 00
N Mackie (PB)002611-2626.00 00
B Dunning (Nor)167126322-831.50 00
PJ Schofer (Hutt)17486522-6532.50 00
JK Lindsay (Sthd)16867022-7035.00 00
SW Duff (HB)276147822-7839.00 00
CM Presland (Nor)264207822-4339.00 00
MF Gill (Hutt)180114311-4343.00 00
ND Pollock (Cou)84214132-4047.00 00
CM Kirk (Tar)215315133-15150.33 00
SP Woolliscroft (Cou)006211-3862.00 00
KW Martin (Tar)180414022-14070.00 00
AE Sail (Tar)11419311-9393.00 00
S Harding (Cou)5439911-2899.00 00
GR Saunders (Nel)3001212511-52125.00 00
GK Robertson (Tar)174413811-138138.00 00
DP Lloyd (Nor)6010    
G Cooper (HB)6030    
P Duncan (PB)0070    
SD Wilson (Nor)120130    
M Heagren (Ham)543170    
DW Pearson (HB)786170    
KF O'Sullivan (Hutt)482170    
PS Briasco (HB)605200    
RJ Hill (Sthd)1089200    
IR Snook (Tar)180240    
RA Pierce (Nel)785270    
HAK Smalley (Cou)482310    
MG O'Neill (Tar)240310    
RH Halliwell (Cou)660320    
B Jefferd (PB)00320    
BC Richards (Tar)300330    
GA Newdick (Hutt)1208430    
KBK Ibadulla (Sthd)1628550    
MJF Shrimpton (HB)21016560    
PT Skelt (Sthd)1387590    
KG White (PB)00690    
RH Robinson (Hutt)23415750    



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