Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Challenge Shield 1937/38 (Ordered by Average)

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MJ Fulford (Well)195134695-385.11 10
IM Lamason (Well)16886264-1810.33 00
JG Lamason (Well)8623222-2716.00 00
MC Corby (Well)8441611-1316.00 00
H Price (Auck)9616133-6120.33 00
EM Hulse (Auck)18067433-7424.66 00
A Beer (Auck)13236422-6432.00 00
TM Bond (Auck)11837122-7135.50 00
AE Hurcomb (Well)12045711-3857.00 00
HW Ashenden (Well)6100    
DL Bailey (Well)6100    
I Johns (Auck)6060