Bowling in Forrest Cup 1947/48 (Ordered by Wickets)

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R Humphries (Bul)120113066-305.00 10
AJ Abelson (WC)13882755-275.40 10
LC Lindley (WC)16656844-6817.00 00
SC Stewart (Bul)5512622-2613.00 00
A Cummings (Bul)4833011-3030.00 00
RH Donaldson (WC)6010    
CD Dewar (WC)36270    
RD Eyes (Bul)6080    
J McDonald (Bul)181130    
R Day (Bul)484150    
A Vaughan (WC)481200    
S Fleming (WC)421200    



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