Fielding in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1971/72 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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RG Jenkins (Ash)2336
PE Wallace (Ash)36 6
PR Williams (NC)14 4
RJ Sowden (NC)13 3
SJ Blakely (NC)12 2
IDP Hamilton (Ash)32 2
RF Hinton (Ash)32 2
DJ Isherwood (Ash)22 2
BC Sampson (Ash)32 2
WJ Bell (Ash)21 1
RW Hayes (Ash)11 1
CJ Heslop (NC)11 1
MW Jacobs (WC)11 1
GR McAulay (WC)11 1
JJ McIntosh (NC)11 1
RN Parker (Bul)11 1
CG Thomas (Ash)31 1