Fielding in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1958/59 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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JT Ward (SC)1066
KS Morris (Ash)13 3
EG Wainscott (Ash)23 3
FD Pickens (WC)12 2
CR Price (Ash)22 2
A Bayliss (Ash)11 1
EM Flaherty (Ash)21 1
BR Gardiner (WC)11 1
IJ Griffiths (Ash)11 1
CA Hibbs (WC)11 1
DM Hooper (Ash)11 1
MW Jack (SC)11 1
JF Knapp (WC)1011
AJ Metcalf (SC)11 1
H Miller (WC)11 1
RP Phillips (SC)11 1
R Taiaroa (SC)11 1
BE Tutty (Ash)11 1
MBA Wills (Ash)11 1