Bowling in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1958/59 (Ordered by Average)

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PJ Grenfell (WC)11482332-207.66 00
WA Kennedy (WC)11875477-437.71 10
CA Hibbs (WC)4821722-78.50 00
CR Price (Ash)2501297106-339.70 11
MW Jack (SC)250169075-5912.85 10
BR Gardiner (WC)3011511-1515.00 00
GF McCormick (Ash)18049364-2915.50 00
RC Carter (SC)13259754-5719.40 00
BA Farrant (Ash)228911862-1419.66 00
RFW McKinney (SC)17446132-4720.33 00
C Thomas (SC)7204122-4120.50 00
LR Moore (Ash)222411653-4723.20 00
EG Wainscott (Ash)2302511-2125.00 00
IJ Griffiths (Ash)10829133-5730.33 00
H Miller (WC)3603411-3434.00 00
RM Sail (WC)12200    
JA Watt (WC)6010    
N Hay (WC)24140    
FD Pickens (WC)18090    
AJ Metcalf (SC)18090    
RP Phillips (SC)843270    
AW Kennedy (WC)601380