Bowling in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1953/54 (Ordered by Average)

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LR Moore (Ash)5922132-117.00 00
HJ Jordan (Ash)4831922-199.50 00
RR Preston (Ash)9218775-3212.42 10
WA Kennedy (WC)12025043-3212.50 00
JWF Kiddey (WC)239813384-4616.62 00
CR Price (Ash)14476632-2222.00 00
SW Goodwin (Ash)11437432-4324.66 00
R Lynch (WC)126110843-6827.00 00
HJ Cullen (Ash)2402811-2828.00 00
SN Garforth (WC)10816622-4633.00 00
BM Bluett (WC)18090    
D McIntyre (WC)160140    
RM Sail (WC)120150    
CGL Smith (Ash)180190    
A Vaughan (WC)481420