Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1977/78 (Ordered by Wickets)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
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SN Bateman (Cant)57023194215-349.23 20
JG Bracewell (Ot)5349305186-5116.94 20
GK Robertson (CD)44811177136-3213.61 20
GN Cederwall (Well)4929236115-4821.45 10
WP Fowler (ND)5049238113-4921.63 00
BP Bracewell (CD)3188135107-4213.50 10
ATR Hellaby (Auck)42415173104-4817.30 00
CS Jackson (Ot)3045191104-4219.10 00
PA Stoyanoff (Well)3745191104-4119.10 00
RI Leggat (Cant)4081510993-3012.11 00
GI Cummins (Cant)3981413495-4814.88 10
AJ Hunt (Auck)296517184-7521.37 00
RG White (Well)4401119783-6124.62 00
MD Crowe (Auck)12734866-488.00 10
RL Thomas (CD)19238963-1714.83 00
MC Snedden (Auck)3681111665-4019.33 10
MB Simmonds (ND)336613565-4822.50 10
S Lamb (Ot)192214362-2223.83 00
JAR de Latour (ND)240312154-7324.20 00
SR McNally (Cant)4201513052-2426.00 00
R Gray (ND)304713654-4727.20 00
PS Briasco (CD)21638943-1822.25 00
JG Boyle (Cant)12124331-214.33 00
DR McEwan (Well)10434733-4715.66 00
KJ White (ND)14435933-2719.66 00
B Wardrope (Auck)240514432-4848.00 00
VR Brown (Cant)12882821-414.00 00
CM Presland (ND)3404521-1722.50 00
RP Brazendale (Auck)12015521-1027.50 00
G Smith (Ot)17628021-2340.00 00
LM Crocker (ND)40311-33.00 00
CP Jayasinha (CD)4821711-1717.00 00
DJ Richardson (Well)6412911-2029.00 00
WB Berry (Ot)11244111-1541.00 00
J MacDonald (CD)9645311-3553.00 00
DJ White (ND)128010211-74102.00 00
T Dunn (Ot)20019611-?? 00
DF Oakley (Well)3040    
C Neilson (ND)240150    
BG Cooper (ND)401350    
TW Evison (Well)561410    
SR Barnden (Well)560450    
WM Aberhart (CD)1445470    
RB Reid (Well)800540