Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1970/71 (Ordered by Average)

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DW Neal (Well)9303853-67.60 00
EK Gillott (Auck)73330212178-3712.47 21
MG Wheeler (Ot)4813022-3015.00 00
JG Wright (Cant)3201611-1616.00 00
SR McKenzie (Well)48012212134-2016.30 00
RW Fulton (Cant)330615784-2419.62 00
DM Finlay (Auck)5441718794-7320.77 00
GP Howarth (Auck)5662414673-7020.85 00
S Watson (Well)49610245113-2722.27 00
JW Calder (Cant)64016246114-8322.36 00
AJP Stimpson (Auck)17956833-6022.66 00
RD Cox (Well)229314563-1524.16 00
ST Chambers (Cant)5682121586-5526.87 10
AWA Ormond (Cant)208410944-6127.25 00
CD Galwey (Cant)416421573-4930.71 00
JW Morris (Cant)344819162-2531.83 00
SL Boock (Ot)5801226974-12138.42 00
PA Jones (Ot)14428222-5841.00 00
PE McEwan (Cant)10444111-2541.00 00
CP Cameron (Well)212212831-1742.66 00
JM Parker (Auck)10424411-1744.00 00
CJ Graham (Ot)352321243-9553.00 00
JV Coney (Well)192210621-1653.00 00
PR McCartney (Ot)224314321-4271.50 00
RJ Webb (Ot)430824832-2982.66 00
CMH Atkinson (Well)8020    
WJ Bell (Cant)24150    
JA Matheson (Ot)80130    
HM Morrison (Well)481230    
AJ Hill (Auck)1046310    
GW Pedersen (Auck)1282470    
BJ Middleton (Well)640620    



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