Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1964/65 (Ordered by Average)

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GF Kember (Well)61011-00.00 00
RC Hooton (Auck)133102844-157.00 00
CG Wilson (Auck)240158383-1910.37 00
GE Vivian (Auck)68330241237-4310.47 21
RC Merrin (Cant)39027116104-2011.60 00
MG Lester (Cant)43234148115-2713.45 10
AR Hounsell (Cant)38419162114-2814.72 00
CL Broad (Cant)258216242-2615.50 00
BJ Collett (Well)59841191124-715.91 00
RD Stewart (Ot)10226643-3416.50 00
KA Nicholson (Cant)45621194114-4617.63 00
MH Muir (Ot)241916084-3520.00 00
CJ Coney (Well)66724308156-5320.53 11
T Vaikvee (Well)2961313462-4522.33 00
OB Cleal (Auck)4373212153-2524.20 00
RN Wylie (Well)4152419784-5524.62 00
RL Gray (Well)3542810644-4726.50 00
RJ Kasper (Auck)180145621-1928.00 00
RM Laing (Auck)5062721474-5830.57 00
JR Carson (Auck)3662611533-5338.33 00
RH Ellis (Ot)4922128473-10140.57 00
WL McQueen (Ot)227612531-2141.66 00
GA Ashby (Ot)4501724653-6949.20 00
RN Stewart (Ot)12200    
AJ Bartlett (Ot)6010    
JM Stevenson (Ot)6010    
PA Borrie (Ot)6020    
GDM Jack (Well)6040    
DW Stead (Cant)6090    
DM Crombie (Well)18190    
PJ Cudby (Well)12090    
RC Bromley (Cant)60100    
RJ Maxwell (Ot)300120    
CL Bull (Cant)121130    
RWG Blakeley (Well)240150    
NA Keogh (Ot)180180    
JR Syme (Auck)14413190    
RW Thomas (Cant)301210    
RE Redmond (Well)784300    



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