Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1963/64 (Ordered by Average)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
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SJ Edward (Well)180173273-76.40 00
JM McIntyre (Auck)54931195176-7011.47 20
RH Harrison (Auck)24613127105-2812.70 10
R Walsh (Auck)16567154-3614.20 00
DJ Millener (Auck)48720174115-3315.81 10
AR Hounsell (Cant)58230177115-3216.09 10
RWG Blakeley (Well)14435132-2917.00 00
AM Morrison (Well)6651811-1118.00 00
KA Nicholson (Ot)3368205105-8020.50 10
NA Keogh (Ot)3661516684-3120.75 00
RE Redmond (Well)11554222-621.00 00
CL Broad (Cant)6654719493-2021.55 00
RM Gearry (Cant)6652311-1623.00 00
JR Smith (Well)2161415463-8325.66 00
MG Lester (Cant)5152817963-3029.83 00
V Pollard (Well)9696432-4232.00 00
DEC McKechnie (Ot)3781017453-3334.80 00
PD Wethey (Ot)3771514743-3036.75 00
WR Barberel (Cant)4192911131-2137.00 00
R Park (Well)12674211-2342.00 00
RD Stewart (Ot)11424611-4646.00 00
MG Burgess (Auck)15665211-3352.00 00
JW Burtt (Cant)258196711-2067.00 00
MH Muir (Ot)174111011-48110.00 00
RO Collinge (Well)00077-?? 10
DG Billcliff (Ot)6020    
PA Stubbings (Cant)18060    
SJ Hunt (Cant)24060    
CL Bull (Cant)6060    
RW Smith (Well)12060    
BR Prestidge (Well)24190    
DH Payton (Well)120110    
CJ Stevens (Cant)844380