Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1952/53 (Ordered by Player)

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JF Ackland (Cant)18057533-5625.00 00
RD Arneil (Auck)6090    
LA Barclay (Well)2061279105-207.90 10
PT Barton (Well)240160    
ME Brookes (Ot)180113622-7268.00 00
KO Butler (Auck)48819273104-12927.30 00
KR Cliffe (Auck)222913022-5765.00 00
DW Crowe (Well)240250    
ACM Currie (Cant)361390    
AG Duckmanton (Cant)210213094-6614.44 00
P Duncan (Ot)180140    
JN Graves (Ot)4262619163-1631.83 00
JP Huggett (Ot)2707158124-2713.16 00
AG Julius (Well)158212632-4442.00 00
MC Langdon (Auck)264810933-3636.33 00
J Moorhead (Well)56429193124-3616.08 00
BD Morrison (Well)60050177207-398.85 21
CJ Muir (Ot)336819283-4524.00 00
WEG Muncaster (Cant)481220    
DL Newton (Cant)21089284-1511.50 00
JHN Pine (Ot)19179263-5215.33 00
JW Reeves (Cant)3863110293-711.33 00
BJ Salt (Cant)3489124126-2310.33 10
PM Sawers (Ot)174211722-3658.50 00
RB Simons (Auck)3077176104-5917.60 00
IM Sinclair (Cant)15138175-2811.57 10
PH Smith (Auck)3003322-1616.50 00
LM Stevenson (Ot)30160    
JCA Thomson (Well)34815105145-317.50 21
JL Wright (Auck)43818179106-3517.90 10



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