Bowling in Amalgamated Theatres Shield 1935/36 (Ordered by Average)

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AE Hurcomb (Well)242211-22.00 00
EM Page (Auck)181211-22.00 00
MH Whitelaw (Auck)9071784-82.12 00
TM Bond (Auck)6931563-62.50 00
C Lynch (Auck)595722-33.50 00
E Good (Wan)10872244-195.50 00
ACS Menzies (Well)4831222-126.00 00
N Carr (Wan)3601221-36.00 00
NR Bullock (Wan)7522643-126.50 00
EM Hulse (Auck)6632033-126.66 00
D Reid (Wan)11483455-256.80 10
R Meyer (Wan)8523721-1618.50 00
IM Lamason (Well)24240    
K Lockett (Wan)18060    
JG Lamason (Well)6070    
PS Brogan (Well)30190