Fielding in Amalgamated Theatres Shield 1933/34 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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JM Webster (Cant)2314
HE Buck (WTC)23 3
P Horne (Wan)22 2
M Simpson (Wan)22 2
PS Brogan (WTC)21 1
NR Bullock (Wan)21 1
MC Corby (Wan)21 1
L Dennan (Wan)21 1
E Hooper (Cant)21 1
R Hunter (WTC)21 1
MR Kennerley (Cant)11 1
L Kurth (Wan)21 1
M Larsen (Wan)21 1
H Ratana (Wan)21 1
CO Robertson (WTC)21 1
VE Russell (Cant)21 1
B Te Rangi (Cant)21 1