Most Not Outs in Career for New Zealand Women in Women's Test matches

5ICP Jagersma1984-1984/85
4EPN Allan1971/72
4JD Doull1966-1971/72
4JM Saulbrey1966-1971/72
4CE Marett1971/72-1976/77
4EM Ryan1976/77-1978/79
4DA Hockley1978/79-1996
3BM Duncan1956/57-1957/58
3PF Adair1968/69-1971/72
3J Lord1966-1971/72
3SH Brown1978/79-1984
3TL Woodbury1991/92
3JE Harris1989/90-1994/95
3EC Drumm1994/95-1996
3SL Illingworth1994/95-1996
3HM Tiffen2003/04-2004
2NA Browne1934/35
2IM Pickering1948/49-1954
2MT Rouse1954
2MJ Currie1957/58
2IJ Clothier1954-1960/61
2CM Oyler1966
2JE Stead1966-1968/69
2BA Brentnall1966-1971/72
2PF McKelvey1968/69-1971/72
2JR Dunning1984-1984/85
2SM Gilchrist1984/85
2SJ Rattray1984-1984/85
2EA Signal1984-1984/85
2NJ Turner1984-1989/90
2KD Brown1996
2KM Keenan1994/95-1996

The list shows the top 32



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