Largest Margin of Runs Defeat

200 runsby Central DistrictsCornwall Park, Hastings1998/99a11635
200 runsby Central DistrictsQueen's Park, Invercargill2004/05a16437
193 runsby WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington2018/19a26886
137 runsby CanterburyLancaster Park, Christchurch1996/97a10264
133 runsby AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland2020/21a28078
128 runsby Northern DistrictsUniversity Oval, Dunedin2005/06a17144
125 runsby Northern DistrictsCobham Oval (New), Whangarei2016/17a25092
123 runsby AucklandMolyneux Park, Alexandra1991/92a7349
118 runsby Central DistrictsMolyneux Park, Alexandra1988/89a5908
118 runsby CanterburyHagley Oval, Christchurch2005/06a17108
117 runsby CanterburyQueen's Park, Invercargill2002/03a14861
117 runsby CanterburyHagley Oval, Christchurch2019/20a27816
114 runsby CanterburyMolyneux Park, Alexandra1993/94a8425
114 runsby Northern DistrictsMolyneux Park, Alexandra1993/94a8433
113 runsby AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland1995/96a9505
112 runsby England XIMolyneux Park, Alexandra1983/84a3906
110 runsby WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington1993/94a8481
109 runsby AucklandEden Park Outer Oval, Auckland1996/97a10230
106 runsby CanterburyHagley Oval, Christchurch2012/13a22466
102 runsby WellingtonBasin Reserve, Wellington2000/01a13247



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