Test Matches played on Headingley, Leeds (81)

29th June 1899 Australia in England 1899 3rd TestEngland v Australiat62
3rd July 1905 Australia in British Isles 1905 3rd TestEngland v Australiat85
29th July 1907 South Africa in British Isles 1907 2nd TestEngland v South Africat94
1st July 1909 Australia in British Isles 1909 3rd TestEngland v Australiat103
8th July 1912 Triangular Tournament 1912 4th MatchEngland v South Africat124
2nd July 1921 Australia in British Isles 1921 3rd TestEngland v Australiat142
12th July 1924 South Africa in British Isles 1924 3rd TestEngland v South Africat155
10th July 1926 Australia in British Isles 1926 3rd TestEngland v Australiat165
13th July 1929 South Africa in British Isles 1929 3rd TestEngland v South Africat183
11th July 1930 Australia in British Isles 1930 3rd TestEngland v Australiat196
20th July 1934 Australia in British Isles 1934 4th TestEngland v Australiat236
13th July 1935 South Africa in British Isles 1935 3rd TestEngland v South Africat244
22nd July 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938 4th TestEngland v Australiat265
26th July 1947 South Africa in British Isles 1947 4th TestEngland v South Africat288
22nd July 1948 Australia in British Isles 1948 4th TestEngland v Australiat302
11th June 1949 New Zealand in British Isles 1949 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt314
26th July 1951 South Africa in British Isles 1951 4th TestEngland v South Africat337
5th June 1952 India in British Isles 1952 1st TestEngland v Indiat351
23rd July 1953 Australia in British Isles 1953 4th TestEngland v Australiat375
21st July 1955 South Africa in England 1955 4th TestEngland v South Africat411
12th July 1956 Australia in British Isles 1956 3rd TestEngland v Australiat427
25th July 1957 West Indies in British Isles 1957 4th TestEngland v West Indiest442
3rd July 1958 New Zealand in British Isles 1958 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt456
2nd July 1959 India in British Isles 1959 3rd TestEngland v Indiat476
6th July 1961 Australia in British Isles 1961 3rd TestEngland v Australiat509
5th July 1962 Pakistan in British Isles 1962 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant532
25th July 1963 West Indies in British Isles 1963 4th TestEngland v West Indiest546
2nd July 1964 Australia in British Isles 1964 3rd TestEngland v Australiat563
8th July 1965 New Zealand in British Isles 1965 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt593
4th August 1966 West Indies in British Isles 1966 4th TestEngland v West Indiest608
8th June 1967 India in British Isles 1967 1st TestEngland v Indiat618
25th July 1968 Australia in British Isles 1968 4th TestEngland v Australiat640
10th July 1969 West Indies in British Isles 1969 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest655
8th July 1971 Pakistan in British Isles 1971 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant689
27th July 1972 Australia in British Isles 1972 4th TestEngland v Australiat701
5th July 1973 New Zealand in British Isles 1973 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt724
25th July 1974 Pakistan in England 1974 1st TestEngland v Pakistant742
14th August 1975 Australia in England 1975 3rd TestEngland v Australiat762
22nd July 1976 West Indies in British Isles 1976 4th TestEngland v West Indiest780
11th August 1977 Australia in British Isles 1977 4th TestEngland v Australiat807
29th June 1978 Pakistan in England 1978 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant827
16th August 1979 India in England 1979 3rd TestEngland v Indiat853
7th August 1980 West Indies in British Isles 1980 5th TestEngland v West Indiest884
16th July 1981 Australia in British Isles 1981 3rd TestEngland v Australiat905
26th August 1982 Pakistan in British Isles 1982 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant933
28th July 1983 New Zealand in England 1983 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt958
12th July 1984 West Indies in British Isles 1984 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest991
13th June 1985 Australia in British Isles 1985 1st TestEngland v Australiat1017
19th June 1986 India in British Isles 1986 2nd TestEngland v Indiat1047
2nd July 1987 Pakistan in British Isles 1987 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant1077
21st July 1988 West Indies in England 1988 4th TestEngland v West Indiest1101
8th June 1989 Australia in British Isles 1989 1st TestEngland v Australiat1121
6th June 1991 West Indies in British Isles 1991 1st TestEngland v West Indiest1171
23rd July 1992 Pakistan in British Isles 1992 4th TestEngland v Pakistant1192
22nd July 1993 Australia in British Isles 1993 4th TestEngland v Australiat1227
4th August 1994 South Africa in British Isles 1994 2nd TestEngland v South Africat1264
8th June 1995 West Indies in British Isles 1995 1st TestEngland v West Indiest1298
8th August 1996 Pakistan in British Isles 1996 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant1331
24th July 1997 Australia in British Isles 1997 4th TestEngland v Australiat1373
6th August 1998 South Africa in British Isles 1998 5th TestEngland v South Africat1422
17th August 2000 West Indies in British Isles 2000 4th TestEngland v West Indiest1508
16th August 2001 Australia in British Isles 2001 4th TestEngland v Australiat1556
22nd August 2002 India in England 2002 3rd TestEngland v Indiat1613
21st August 2003 South Africa in British Isles 2003 4th TestEngland v South Africat1656
3rd June 2004 New Zealand in England 2004 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt1702
4th August 2006 Pakistan in British Isles 2006 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant1813
25th May 2007 West Indies in England 2007 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest1834
18th July 2008 South Africa in England 2008 2nd TestEngland v South Africat1881
7th August 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 4th TestEngland v Australiat1929
21st July 2010 Pakistan in England 2010 2nd TestAustralia v Pakistant1965
2nd August 2012 South Africa in England 2012 2nd TestEngland v South Africat2051
24th May 2013 New Zealand in England 2013 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt2089
20th June 2014 Sri Lanka in Ireland and England 2014 2nd TestEngland v Sri Lankat2126
29th May 2015 New Zealand in England 2015 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt2163
19th May 2016 Sri Lanka in England and Ireland 2016 1st TestEngland v Sri Lankat2203
25th August 2017 West Indies in England and Ireland 2017 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest2271
1st June 2018 Pakistan in British Isles 2018 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant2305
22nd August 2019 Australia in England 2019 3rd TestEngland v Australiat2357
25th August 2021 India in England 2021 3rd TestEngland v Indiat2432
23rd June 2022 New Zealand in British Isles 2022 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt2467
6th July 2023 Australia in England 2023 3rd TestEngland v Australiat2509