List A Matches played on Osborne Avenue, Jesmond (20)

15th May 1971 Gillette Cup 1971 1st RoundNorthumberland v Lincolnshirea484
14th May 1977 Benson and Hedges Cup 1977 Group DMinor Counties East v Yorkshirea1908
12th May 1979 Benson and Hedges Cup 1979 Group DMinor Counties North v Yorkshirea2379
4th July 1984 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1984 1st RoundNorthumberland v Middlesexa4109
25th June 1986 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1986 1st RoundNorthumberland v Essexa4906
24th June 1987 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1987 1st RoundNorthumberland v Essexa5304
25th April 1989 Benson and Hedges Cup 1989 Group CMinor Counties v Yorkshirea5996
28th June 1989 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1989 1st RoundNorthumberland v Surreya6111
5th May 1992 Benson and Hedges Cup 1992 Group DDurham v Derbyshirea7540
21st June 1994 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1994 1st RoundNorthumberland v Nottinghamshirea8685
9th May 1995 Benson and Hedges Cup 1995 Group AMinor Counties v Durhama9218
28th April 1996 Benson and Hedges Cup 1996 Group AMinor Counties v Warwickshirea9807
30th April 1996 Benson and Hedges Cup 1996 Group AMinor Counties v Leicestershirea9818
4th May 1999 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1999 1st RoundNorthumberland v Irelanda11900
16th May 2000 National Westminster Bank Trophy 2000 2nd RoundNorthumberland v Bedfordshirea12730
21st June 2000 National Westminster Bank Trophy 2000 3rd RoundNorthumberland v Leicestershirea12791
13th September 2001 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2002 2nd RoundNorthumberland v Staffordshirea13715
12th September 2002 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 2nd RoundNorthumberland v Yorkshire Cricket Boarda14552
7th May 2003 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 3rd RoundNorthumberland v Leicestershirea15099
3rd May 2005 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2005 1st RoundNorthumberland v Middlesexa16602



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