Test Matches played on P Sara Oval, Colombo (22)

17th February 1982 England in India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 Only TestSri Lanka v Englandt921
6th September 1985 India in Sri Lanka 1985 2nd TestSri Lanka v Indiat1024
22nd March 1986 Pakistan in Sri Lanka 1985/86 3rd TestSri Lanka v Pakistant1043
4th August 1993 India in Sri Lanka 1993 3rd TestSri Lanka v Indiat1229
14th September 1993 South Africa in Sri Lanka 1993 3rd TestSri Lanka v South Africat1234
9th August 1994 Pakistan in Sri Lanka 1994 1st TestSri Lanka v Pakistant1265
21st July 2002 Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2002 1st TestSri Lanka v Bangladesht1609
3rd October 2002 Australia in Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates 2002/03 1st TestPakistan v Australiat1615
25th April 2003 New Zealand in Sri Lanka 2003 1st TestSri Lanka v New Zealandt1641
20th September 2005 Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2005/06 2nd TestSri Lanka v Bangladesht1766
4th August 2006 South Africa in Sri Lanka 2006 2nd TestSri Lanka v South Africat1812
3rd July 2007 Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2007 2nd TestSri Lanka v Bangladesht1838
8th August 2008 India in Sri Lanka 2008 3rd TestSri Lanka v Indiat1886
12th July 2009 Pakistan in Sri Lanka 2009 2nd TestSri Lanka v Pakistant1924
3rd August 2010 India in Sri Lanka 2010 3rd TestSri Lanka v Indiat1968
3rd April 2012 England in Sri Lanka 2011/12 2nd TestSri Lanka v Englandt2039
25th November 2012 New Zealand in Sri Lanka 2012/13 2nd TestSri Lanka v New Zealandt2063
25th June 2015 Pakistan in Sri Lanka 2015 2nd TestSri Lanka v Pakistant2168
20th August 2015 India in Sri Lanka 2015 2nd TestSri Lanka v Indiat2177
22nd October 2015 West Indies in Sri Lanka 2015/16 2nd TestSri Lanka v West Indiest2182
15th March 2017 Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2016/17 2nd TestSri Lanka v Bangladesht2254
22nd August 2019 ICC World Test Championship 2019 to 2021 2nd TestSri Lanka v New Zealandt2356



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