ODI Matches played on Mangaung Oval, Bloemfontein (30)

15th December 1992 India in South Africa and Zimbabwe 1992/93 5th ODISouth Africa v Indiao781
23rd February 1993 Total International Series 1992/93  South Africa v West Indieso807
8th April 1994 Australia in South Africa 1993/94 8th ODISouth Africa v Australiao903
8th December 1994 Mandela Trophy 1994/95  New Zealand v Sri Lankao958
15th December 1994 Mandela Trophy 1994/95  South Africa v Sri Lankao963
11th January 1996 England in South Africa 1995/96 2nd ODISouth Africa v Englando1034
23rd January 1997 Standard Bank International Series 1996/97  South Africa v Indiao1167
13th April 1997 Australia in South Africa 1996/97 7th ODISouth Africa v Australiao1199
19th April 1998 Standard Bank International Series 1997/98  South Africa v Sri Lankao1322
5th February 1999 West Indies in South Africa 1998/99 6th ODISouth Africa v West Indieso1402
23rd January 2000 Standard Bank International Series 1999/00  South Africa v Englando1546
14th January 2001 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2000/01 5th ODISouth Africa v Sri Lankao1671
12th October 2001 Standard Bank Triangular Tournament 2001/02  India v Kenyao1758
30th March 2002 Australia in South Africa 2001/02 4th ODISouth Africa v Australiao1822
6th December 2002 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2002/03 5th ODISouth Africa v Sri Lankao1912
10th February 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Pool BNew Zealand v Sri Lankao1943
22nd February 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Pool BSouth Africa v Bangladesho1962
3rd March 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Pool ANamibia v Netherlandso1978
8th March 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Super SixNew Zealand v Zimbabweo1984
12th March 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Super SixKenya v Zimbabweo1987
2nd February 2005 England in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe 2004/05 2nd ODISouth Africa v Englando2219
23rd October 2005 New Zealand in South Africa 2005/06 1st ODISouth Africa v New Zealando2285
15th September 2006 Zimbabwe in South Africa 2006/07 1st ODISouth Africa v Zimbabweo2415
31st October 2008 Kenya in South Africa 2008/09 1st ODISouth Africa v Kenyao2769
15th October 2010 Zimbabwe in South Africa 2010/11 1st ODISouth Africa v Zimbabweo3057
17th January 2012 Sri Lanka in South Africa 2011/12 3rd ODISouth Africa v Sri Lankao3227
10th March 2013 Pakistan in South Africa 2012/13 1st ODISouth Africa v Pakistano3343
3rd February 2016 England in South Africa 2015/16 1st ODISouth Africa v Englando3732
3rd October 2018 Zimbabwe in South Africa 2018/19 2nd ODISouth Africa v Zimbabweo4050
4th March 2020 Australia in South Africa 2019/20 2nd ODISouth Africa v Australiao4252



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