First-Class Matches played on Castle Avenue, Dublin (15)

5th September 1964 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 1964  Ireland v Marylebone Cricket Clubf25490
4th September 1965 Hampshire in Ireland 1965  Ireland v Hampshiref26007
3rd September 1966 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 1966  Ireland v Marylebone Cricket Clubf26488
7th September 1968 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 1968  Ireland v Marylebone Cricket Clubf27473
14th June 1969 Scotland in Ireland 1969  Ireland v Scotlandf27751
2nd July 1977 Scotland in Ireland 1977  Ireland v Scotlandf31634
25th July 1981 Scotland in Ireland 1981  Ireland v Scotlandf33653
15th June 1985 Scotland in Ireland 1985  Ireland v Scotlandf35799
8th July 1989 Scotland in Ireland 1989  Ireland v Scotlandf38181
13th July 1999 South Africa Academy in Ireland and Scotland 1999  Ireland v South Africa Academyf44479
6th August 2004 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2004 Europe GroupIreland v Scotlandf48074
17th May 2006 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2006 Group AIreland v Namibiaf49384
23rd August 2007 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2007 to 2008  Ireland v Bermudaf50188
11th September 2013 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2011 to 2013  Ireland v Scotlandf54957
5th September 2017 Hanley Energy Inter-Provincial Championship 2017  Leinster Lightning v Northern Knightsf57997



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