Test Matches played on Modi Stadium, Kanpur (23)

12th January 1952 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1951/52 4th TestIndia v Englandt346
12th December 1958 West Indies in India and Pakistan 1958/59 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest461
19th December 1959 Australia in India and Pakistan 1959/60 2nd TestIndia v Australiat483
16th December 1960 Pakistan in India 1960/61 2nd TestIndia v Pakistant499
1st December 1961 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Ceylon 1961/62 2nd TestIndia v Englandt514
15th February 1964 Marylebone Cricket Club in India 1963/64 5th TestIndia v Englandt557
15th November 1969 Australia in Ceylon, India and South Africa 1969/70 2nd TestIndia v Australiat666
25th January 1973 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1972/73 4th TestIndia v Englandt709
18th November 1976 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1976/77 2nd TestIndia v New Zealandt786
2nd February 1979 West Indies in India and Sri Lanka 1978/79 6th TestIndia v West Indiest845
2nd October 1979 Australia in India 1979/80 3rd TestIndia v Australiat857
25th December 1979 Pakistan in India and Bangladesh 1979/80 4th TestIndia v Pakistant866
30th January 1982 England in India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 6th TestIndia v Englandt920
21st October 1983 West Indies in India 1983/84 1st TestIndia v West Indiest964
31st January 1985 England in India, Sri Lanka and Australia 1984/85 5th TestIndia v Englandt1011
17th December 1986 Sri Lanka in India 1986/87 1st TestIndia v Sri Lankat1061
8th December 1996 South Africa in India 1996/97 3rd TestIndia v South Africat1344
22nd October 1999 New Zealand in India 1999/00 2nd TestIndia v New Zealandt1464
20th November 2004 South Africa in India 2004/05 1st TestIndia v South Africat1722
11th April 2008 South Africa in India 2007/08 3rd TestIndia v South Africat1873
24th November 2009 Sri Lanka in India 2009/10 2nd TestIndia v Sri Lankat1935
22nd September 2016 New Zealand in India 2016/17 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt2221
25th November 2021 ICC World Test Championship 2021 to 2023 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt2435



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